Bad Blood Book Release Party!

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The Sartle office was abuzz with frivolity as we celebrated the release of our first ever book “Bad Blood: Rivalry and Art History” now available for purchase wherever books are sold (but best purchased through Sartle’s store because we send extra fun goodies!!)


Friends and family delighted in our custom art history themed photo booth props. 

A masterpiece created in just four panels. 


We’re guessing someone’s not a fan of Andy Warhol’s Soup Can pieces...


Leah Garchik of the San Francisco Chronicle even stopped by and observed a round of the art history trivia game that Sartle currently has in the works. 

But, back to the book. Garchik asked author Clayton Schuster why art history is so full of scandal, “It’s the nature of business and culture that surrounds art that lends itself to combative relationships. These relationships are cultivated by the art-industrial complex.” 


Thanks for stopping by everybody and we hope to see you at the (hopefully soon) launch of the Sartle trivia game!



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