Art History Takes the Lead in r/PhotoShopBattles: Sneezing Dog

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What happens when you face swap this aggressively sneezing dog onto The Scream by Edvard Munch (at the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, Oslo)?   


Careful, might make you howl! 


“Stop playing Scooby Doo! I can’t take it anymore!”

Other reddit commenters even request to have this dog-scream printed and framed.  Here’s the original post by user freshcarfeeling, which had 1345 upvotes at last count.  

Here’s our own photoshop response:


(from Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci at the Lourve)

Like the fat kitty? Enjoy the many other parodies by one of our favorite art history parody artists, Fat Cat Art.  Some of our favorites are here.

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by Carolyn Nickell

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Carolyn Nickell


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