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St. Michael and the holy righteous lady angels are getting down and sending all of the demons to hell.

All of the monsters and bad angels are ladies too, or like half-fish/frog/duck/moth/lizard/demon ladies. So this scene is just St. Mike and the girls...and also that 7 headed dragon, aka the devil. Mike and his battalion of cheerleader-warriors are doing pretty much nothing in this battle, as the fallen angels are just fighting themselves. One demon is straight chomping on its own leg. So it’s not really a battle as much as a pain orgy where the god-squad is celebrating because the demons deserve their pain while the devil’s BDSM gang of former-angels is loving it, moaning “We deserve it we deserve it.” Except maybe the frog tearing its egg-stuffed belly open, that doesn’t look like any fun at all.

Breugel was probably hanging out at his rich friends’ houses and looking at their wunderkammers which were cabinets of weird stuff that explorers brought back from the New World and were in vogue with the *intelligentsia* of the time. They were probably like, and here we have a north American newt while Breugel was like look at all these freakish lil dudes lmao so funny I’m putting this sh*t in a painting like, right now.

Technically the angels are supposed to be good and the demons are supposed to be bad...but the fallen angels look like way more fun? William Blake thought that artists were inherently on the Devil’s side and Breugel might definitely be. Look at all of those primal screams and dances and that crab using a cello for a shell. There are at least 8 anuses in the painting, and 3 of them are mid-fart. Sure the angels are conventionally pretty and very clean and well-dressed and St. Mike is straight flossing the block with that gold suit. But beauty is subjective and rules from mom/dad/God are dumb and anarchy looks like a hoot!


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Here is what Wikipedia says about The Fall of the Rebel Angels

The Fall of the Rebel Angels is an oil-on-panel painting of 1562 by the Netherlandish Renaissance artist, Pieter Bruegel the Elder. The painting is 117cm x 162cm (46 inches by 64 inches) and is now in the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium in Brussels, Belgium. The Fall of Rebel Angels depicts Lucifer along with the other fallen angels that have been banished from heaven. Angels are falling from the sun in a stacked manner along with ungodly creatures that Bruegel created. This piece by Bruegel was previously thought to be by Hieronymus Bosch. Bruegel was influenced by a variety of artists such as Albrecht Dürer, Frans Floris I, and Hieronymus Bosch. He also got ideas for the creation of his creatures in his previous works.

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