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Many feminists objected to this display as a blatant objectification of women. And, technically speaking, Allen Jones' Chair is the literal definition.

Jones made women into objects- a table, chair and hat stand created from mannequins dressed in overtly sexy lingerie. This naughty girl is serving amazing side boob and with those leather boots and gloves, is clearly into some kinky stuff. She wouldn’t be out of place at the Folsom Street Fair. Or maybe it's Jones who was craving a little S&M action?

He maintained that the pieces were about the “experience” of women. As us ladies know, females are too often “sat upon” by men. The retort by critics was, of course, that this is the expression of a creepy male fantasy of what a woman should be: literally bending over for the comforts of others. I certainly wouldn’t put this lady lounger in my own home, but it’s interesting to see fetishism and sexual subcultures brought into the space of the museum...although a naked dude for once would be nice.

If this stuff rocks your chair, so to speak, the fetish for turning women into pieces of furniture is called forniphilia. Google at your own risk.