Technology/Transformation: Wonder Woman
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Technology/Transformation: Wonder Woman is Dara Birnbaum’s eff you to the male-dominated television world.

The 70’s weren’t a great time to be a woman. I mean, I don’t think there’s ever been a great time to be a woman. To Dara Birnbaum, feminist artist extraordinaire, nothing exemplifies this better than the state of television—especially the 1970’s TV series, Wonder Woman.

Technology/Transformation: Wonder Woman takes the TV show and strips it of everything but sex and action. The most fun parts! The soundtrack is dotted with loud explosions and sirens, as we see repeated clips of Wonder Woman spinning dizzily, doing her best Baywatch run in her skimpy, iconic costume, and deflecting bullets. Birnbaum also spells out the lyrics to the 70’s-as-hell song, Wonder Woman in Discoland, on the screen in an homage to karaoke. Decidedly unsubtle, the song devolves into a series of “Shake thy Wonder Maker”s and loud moans. Watch it with headphones, or your roommates might think you’re on a different kind of website.

Birnbaum’s piece means to show us the way that women are objectified in media. But there’s a more optimistic message in there. I mean, it’s amazing that Wonder Woman even has show at all, she gets to be pretty badass in it, and the idea that women are able to transform from lowly secretaries into powerful, Amazonian super heroines is pretty empowering, right? Hopefully, we only improve from there.

Technology/Transformation: Wonder Woman is undoubtably Birnbaum's most famous work to date and when you do get a chance to visit the Whitney, watch it in abject confusion and complain about how modern art makes no sense. MoMA also has a copy but the Whitney got theirs first. If you can't make it to New York it's also available on YouTube.