Félix Gonzalez-Torres
American artist



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Félix Gonzalez-Torres
American artist
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Born in Cuba, he’s known for subtle installation work that makes ya think.  A lot of it references the AIDS epidemic: death, loss and love.  As a gay man, he certainly experienced how the horrible disease affected the community.  He himself died of AIDS related complications in 1996.

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Here is what Wikipedia says about Félix González-Torres

Félix González-Torres (November 26, 1957 – January 9, 1996) was a Cuban-born American visual artist. González-Torres's openly gay sexual orientation is often seen as influential in his work as an artist. González-Torres was known for his minimal installations and sculptures in which he used materials such as strings of lightbulbs, clocks, stacks of paper, or packaged hard candies. In 1987, he joined Group Material, a New York-based group of artists whose intention was to work collaboratively, adhering to principles of cultural activism and community education. González-Torres's 1992 piece "Untitled" (Portrait of Marcel Brient) sold for $4.6 million at Phillips de Pury & Company in 2010, a record for the artist at auction.

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