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The Museums of Fine Arts, Houston is the largest cultural institution in the southwest region proving that everything is bigger in Texas.

Their collection by no means falls short of this reputation. Works from antiquity to the present are represented with art from a plethora of global cultures. Seriously though, they have over 65,000 works in their collection so there is bound to be something you like. They also rep about a zillion different buildings in order to exhibit their behemoth of a collection. MFAH is also home to the International Center for the Arts for the Americas, which is one of the leading research institutions for Latino Art. Why the leading institution for Latino Art is in the US is beyond me, but hey, it's a pretty spiffy accomplishment nonetheless.

MFAH is also expanding like crazy and the construction of two new buildings is in the works (since the museum was not already big enough). One will serve as the home for their 20th and 21st century art collection and another for the Glassell School of Art.

MFAH also does a pretty spectacular job of allowing people to experience their collections free of charge. In fact, nearly 40% of visitors experience the museum sans any strain on the old pocketbook.

If for whatever reason you feel Sartle is lacking in information, they have collaborated with Google Art Project so that people on a global scale can interact with their institution and collection. While it may be a bit perturbing that it's just a matter of time before Google takes over the world through their incessant pursuit to acquire all information, at least we can check out some shockingly high res pictures of the MFAH’s art collection!

MFAH finds its home in the Museum District of Houston. This area boasts over 19 museums, which is a pretty whopping huge number - of course not falling short of the over-sized Texas stereotypes. Since everything is bigger in Texas, your expectations for this museum should be too. And let us say, you probably won’t be disappointed.


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The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (MFAH), is an art museum located in the Houston Museum District of Houston, Texas. It is the second largest art museum in the United States. With the recent completion of an eight year campus redevelopment project, including the opening of the Nancy and Rich Kinder Building in 2020, it is the 12th largest art museum in the world based on square feet of gallery space. The permanent collection of the museum spans more than 6,000 years of history with approximately 70,000 works from six continents.

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