Museum of Destroyed and Lost Art



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Museum of Destroyed and Lost Art
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Located on the crossroads of imagination and memory, the Museum of Destroyed and Lost Art is a must see for art enthusiasts and bandits alike.

This museum allows us to enter a world of art that has been lost to vandalism, theft, natural disasters, wars, greed, and pretty much any other pitfall of humanity you can think of. Here you'll find forgotten works made from artists ranging from the macho Picasso to the hip street artist Banksy. You will also learn about the selfish and crazy fools that brought these pieces of art to their perilous demise.

While it is always a tragedy when masterpieces are callously snagged away from the publics’ eye, we are lucky enough to live in a time where we can still connect with this work virtually. (Plus there's always some crazy story to how it disappeared.) Sartle has created this museum as a tribute to our fallen soldiers. May they never be forgotten!

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Keelie Rocha

It's such a pity so many artworks have been and are still being destroyed.