Meadows Museum
museum in Dallas, Texas



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Meadows Museum
museum in Dallas, Texas
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5900 Bishop Boulevard
Dallas, Texas
United States

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Texas based philanthropist and oil financier Algur H. Meadows was a worldly traveler.

During his many trips to Madrid, Meadows spent hours wondering the halls of the Prado National Museum and became completely engrossed in the work of  Spanish masters like Francisco Goya and El Greco. He became so infatuated with these artists that he decided to start his own museum in the US in hopes of bringing a little Spanish flare to Dallas, Texas. Given his love of the Prado, it comes as no surprise that the Meadows Museum is colloquially known as the “Prado on the Prairie”.

In 1962, Meadows gave the Southern Methodist University the funds for the construction and endowment, for a museum to house his personal collection of Spanish artwork. Through the Meadows Foundation, this museum continues to receive millions for the collection and conservation of Spanish artwork and just recently gave $33 million to the Meadows School of Art.

It was a grande success. The Meadows Museum now houses one of the largest collections of Spanish art outside of Spain. With art ranging from the 10th to 21st century, they do a great job of documenting Spanish cultural heritage. From Diego Velázquez to Pablo Picasso, all the great Spanish masters are accounted for here. So mosey on over to Dallas! Just don't expect to get tapas afterwards.

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Here is what Wikipedia says about Meadows Museum

The Meadows Museum, nicknamed "Prado on the Prairie", is an art museum located in Dallas, Texas on the campus of Southern Methodist University (SMU). Operating as a division of SMU's Meadows School of the Arts, the museum houses one of the largest and most comprehensive collections of Spanish art outside of Spain, with works dating from the 10th to the 21st centuries.


The museum's primary collection contains works by some of the world's most renowned painters, including El Greco, Velázquez, Ribera, Murillo, Goya, Miró, Sorolla, Dalí and Picasso. Additional highlights include Renaissance-era altarpieces, monumental Baroque canvases, rococo oil sketches, polychrome wood sculptures, Impressionist landscapes, modernist abstractions, a comprehensive collection of the graphic works of Goya, and select sculptures by major twentieth-century masters, including Rodin, Maillol, Giacometti, Moore, Smith, and Oldenburg. In addition to its primary collection, the Meadows Museum administers SMU's University Art Collection, which includes works by leading artists of the North Texas region like Frank Reaugh, Jerry Bywaters, Otis Dozier, Alexandre Hogue, and William Lester.

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