Saint Justa
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Saint Justa and Saint Rufina are found hiding in plain sight at the Meadows Museum.

The Nazis stole this beautiful painting from the enormous Rothschild collection, along with its companion painting, Saint Rufina, during World War II.

The back of the picture frame is marked with the number R1171, which meant it was the 1,171st object stolen from the Rothschilds.

After the war, a group of US army art historians called the "Monument Men" made it their mission to document, protect, and return stolen art. They photographed both Saint Justa and Saint Rufina.

It is believed that these beloved paintings were returned to the Rothschild family. The paintings subsequently passed through many collectors and auctions before being acquired by the Meadows Museum in Dallas, which houses a world famous collection of Spanish masterpieces.

Many years later, Robert Edsel, who happened to be from Dallas, discovered the photographs created by the Monument Men. He immediately made the connection to the paintings that hung in the Meadows Museum. Because there was a photograph of the paintings with the number stamped on the back, the museum could verify authenticity.

Murillo's paintings of Saint Justa and Saint Rufina are said to be worth more than $10 million.