Who gets to be on Art History’s money?

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I’m not saying Hamilton the Musical saved Alexander Hamilton’s face from getting kicked off the $10 bill but it certainly didn’t hurt. Lin-Manuel Miranda would’ve had to have rewritten the whole thing. Bleh!

In other news, one of history’s greatest and bravest is getting her due: Harriet Tubman will be replacing Andrew Jackson, one of our worst presidents on the $20 bill. Congrats Hamilton, you’ve kept your spot.

I pondered how art history would have fared if we needed to pick some people to represent our industry. After all, we know how well those art books cover all of art, art history, and artists from all of time and every part of the Earth riiiiiight? JK, that’s totally not how it is. The main topics of conversation in most art history classes revolve around western art and from there mostly about the white dudes in art history. White women occasionally get a nod with one or two people of color thrown in for a “see we’re not being racist” bit. Art history is hardly better than the Oscars (#OscarsSoWhite) and Kyla wants you to know it. 

Anyway, if we thought about art history like that we figured these would be a few of the six guys who could grace your greenbacks:

Michelangelo, the father of the Italian Renaissance

Salvador Dalí, creating civil wars with crazy dada artworks

Vincent van Gogh, a precious flower as worthy of his spot as Hamilton

Pablo Picasso, his work is as common as a $20 bill. Luckily not responsible for mass genocides. 

Claude Monet, a brother in excellent facial hair and bringer together of people. 

Leonardo da Vinci, everybody wants it, not everybody can have it.

By: Lauren

Lauren Dare

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I think having a Ben Franklin character would be so fun!


I won't be surprised if you hear about conservatives trying to cancel Hamilton...

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John Skinner



Do you guys have a blog on the portraits of people in Hamilton? I would like to read that.

malinka strong

With today's inflation, seems like Hamilton is on a $5 rather than the 10!