Theft of the Century

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Lock-picking mastermind with impeccable literary taste.


For the last two years, books have been quietly going missing from the Sartle art history library, located at Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture. Jazz: A History of America’s Music, a book on the Kroller-Muller museum, one on the Holocaust Museum, Salvador Dali’s cookbook...

Eclectic, to say the least. Assuming forgetful interns or employee error, but fearing the worst, we got security cameras. 


On the morning of December 28th, around 7:30 AM, we caught our shadowy culprit on film (!!!)

Bypassing Macbooks, 3 brand new TVs and a clear acrylic donation box literally full of cash, he zeroes in on a large Monet monograph and a big ol' book of...Chinese Erotic Art.

I guess he couldn't pass up the opportunity to peruse gems such as this:

And this is on the tamer side, ifyouknowhatImean.

Shockingly, the National Park Service police didn’t take our report very seriously...but we obviously have a repeat offender on our hands! If you have any information about this well-read thief and his motives, please e-mail We must apprehend this dangerous bibliophile before he strikes again.

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