Sartle to Trump: "You're Fired!"

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Well, folks, Trump finally did it. It’s pretty obvious at this point that the reality TV loudmouth of yore (which we all loved to make fun of) is gone. All we’re left with is this awful, no good, wholly rotten ogre we all presumed might be underneath the spray tan and shag carpet wig.

With that in mind, Sartle’s officially, if reluctantly, come to the decision that Trump will no longer be our greatest, most tremendous social media correspondent. Sorry, not sorry Donald. We don’t care if he keeps sarcastically shouting about art history in up to 140 character increments, but he can’t do it here. You know what that means, Trump: You’re fired!!

As a final nod to Trump the Art Historian, we leave you with a video look back created by our good friend, Seth Andrews.

By: Clayton

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