Origin of the World Fires Imagination

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First some backstory:

  1. In 1866, Gustave Courbet paints Whistler’s girlfriend’s nether regions in photorealistic detail.
  2. Because it’s Courbet, and because he cleverly titles the work ’L'Origin du Monde’ instead of ‘Close up of my friend's girlfriend's hooha’, the painting ends up in a world famous museum instead of in some pervert’s closet.
  3. 148 Years later, a Luxembourg-based 'visual artist’  enters the museum, followed by a friend with a video camera and a boom box. The boom box plays Ave Maria, as she approaches the painting, sits down in front of it, spreads her legs, lifts her dress, and exposes her hooha.
  4. Museum visitors applaud, security guards try to get her to cover up, and eventually she is escorted from the building.
  5. She gives the video the pretentious title of 'Miroir de L'Origine’ and posts it on youtube.
  6. Headline time! Here are just a few:

Artist Exposes genitals in Paris Museum Stunt

Performance Artist Sits in From of Courbet’s “Origin of the World,” Reveals Her Origin of the World

Performance Artist Whips Out Vagina in Crowded Museum, Finds Herself in Hairy Situation 

Vaginas in Art are OK but not in Real Life, Finds Deborah de Robertis

Performance Artist Does the Impossible, Shows up Courbets “Origin of the World”

Luxembourg Artist Flashes Paris Museumgoers

Art or Crime: Performance Artist Deborah di Robertis re-enacts Courbet’s “L'Origine du Monde” at the Musee D'Orsay

Performance Artist Does Impromptu Reenactment of 'The Origin of the World.’ Yes, THAT Painting.

By Francisco Serrador

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Francisco Serrador


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