Not Being John Malkovich

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John as Jack as Joker.

I’m obsessed with John Malkovich so imagine my delight at this series of photographs by Sandro Miller that star the one and only.  

The aptly named project, “Malkovich Malkovich Malkovich: Homage to Photographic Masters” depicts Mr. Malkovich as the subject of iconic portraits we know and love, and opens at Chicago’s Catherine Edelman Gallery in early November.

Let’s see how Malkovich stacks up to the originals, shall we?

He certainly hits the mustache on the head with Salvador Dali’s infamous portrait by Philippe Halsman:


We had to do a double take at John as Dorothea Lange‘s Migrant Mother:


And a…quadruple take at the slightly creepy rendition of Identical Twins by Diane Arbus.

Diane Arbus / Identical Twins, Roselle, New Jersey (1967), 2014

Playing a lady is clearly a simple task for this great talent, as he also does a mean Marilyn Monroe.


I don’t think even Andy Warhol could tell the difference. 

Oh wait, here he is as Andy Warhol too:


Sandro seems to admire queer artists. He had John pose as Andres Serrano’s infamously controversial Piss Christ — the actor adding another aspect by which religious conservatives can get offended!

The original piss-stirrer, if you will:


And gosh darnit if I don’t want to see Malkovich in the next Mel Gibson movie:


Sandro Miller also pays homage to the fantastic Robert Mapplethorpe, recreating his 1983 self-portrait: 


John Mapplevich? Robert Malkothorpe?

Maybe I’m revealing too much about my celebrity crush, but a small part of me wishes Miller had decided to recreate Mappethorpe’s portrait of Ken Moody with Malkovich instead. 

Okay maybe with a young Malkovich.  

(Or maybe for the next series…)

By Angelica Jardini

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