New Online Art Classes at SFAI

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San Francisco Art Institute is offering two new online college classes this spring that we thought may interest our readers. Since they are publicly offered and fully online, you don’t even have to be enrolled at SFAI to participate. You can take them from anywhere!


Furthermore, both instructors come with the Sartle seal of approval. In our own experience, they are both talented artists and excellent teachers.


Art Appreciation with Rick Love

The amazing Rick Love is back with his new art appreciation class that invites you to “skip the textbook” and explore art from a variety of themes not seen in most traditional survey courses, such as manifestos, mediums, museum collections, and women in art history. 


The class is open to all learners, including high school students, hoping to broaden their horizons and improve their mastery of visual culture. You’re sure to make fascinating discoveries and even find Sartle as part of the curriculum!


The course starts March 20 and registration for the class is now open. You can learn more and sign up here.


Fundamentals of Drawing with Xiao Wang

If you have always wanted to take a drawing class but could never find the time or were just too intimidated by the classroom environment, the unique format of this online course may be just right for you! You can do your drawing wherever you like, and you’ll still get to upload your work and get tips from the fantastic Xiao Wang.


Not only does drawing sharpen your senses, it also enriches your appreciation of art and art history, so you can see why we at Sartle think this class is worth your time. You’ll learn all the basics in this class, leaving you prepared to get to work on your creative endeavors.


The course starts March 20 and registration is open now. You can learn more and sign up here.

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