Melania Trump: FLOTUS and art lover

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Melania Trump's five-day, four country solo trip came to an end on Sunday having visited Kenya, Malawi, Ghana, and Egypt to meet with other first ladies, tour hospitals, cuddle babies, and most definitely not flaunt her $1,380 Balmain flannel shirt. Yet it was her choice of headgear that had people on social media crying "colonialism" and "ignorance". 

It looks like the FLOTUS's entourage are big fans of art history bumping Sartle's traffic from Africa a whole lot. Maybe Melania's "Raiders of the Lost Ark" look inspired an entire continent to seek other fashion icons in art history.

We'd like to take this opportunity to celebrate that our website is being used 24/7 around the globe, so officially 'the sun never sets' on! Big thanks to the increasing amount of viewers hailing from the "other" side of the world (I'm talking about you Africa, Oceania, and Asia)

We love you!

Francisco Serrador


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