How Our Friends at Art School Are Changing the Game

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Ever been curious about what goes on in those fancy MFA programs, but don't have the time (or the dough!) to complete a 2+ year degree? If you're interested in learning how to make art, the theory behind it, or even how to teach it yourself, the new company Art School might be the thing for you.

Sartle loves Art School's mission to offer high-quality contemporary art education to anyone who is eager to express their voice in creative ways, as it is right in line with our passion for democratizing art history. 

Started by our friends Ileana Tejada and Katherine Vetne (fellow San Francisco Art Institute alums!), Art School offers a variety of programs taught by artists living and working in the Bay Area:

Their corporate workshop programs bring creativity, excitement, and fun to your workplace, while encouraging critical thinking, problem-solving, and personal growth.

Adult community courses span from ceramics classes, the history of photography, performance and video, printmaking, to experimental comics, and everything in between. They also have courses where you can learn to write a compelling artist statement, how to succeed with artist residency applications, or develop tools needed to turn your art practice into a profession. 

They also have Youth Programs for little ones, caregivers, middle schoolers, and high schoolers. (If only we'd all been taught Adobe Photoshop by professional artists as teens!)

Whether you are a beginner who prefers a one-on-one learning situation, looking for personalized coaching to learn a new skill, or need individualized help building your portfolio for applications, Art School can provide you with private tutoring.

Sartle is also excited about Art School's commitment to diversity. If you know us, you know we want to challenge the notion of a male, European-centric art history. Here's Art School's position:

"Seventy percent of the content that is taught through Art School covers artists that talk about identity, culture, ethnicity, race, inequality, sexism, systemic racism, and other subjects that span these differences in life experiences. By expanding on traditional non-Western art content we hope to promote a broader understanding of diversity and create awareness from all walks of life."

This new venture is very cool, and we can't wait tell you about upcoming collaborative projects from Sartle and Art School. In the meantime, check out their website, follow them on Insta, and sign up for a class to get more art in your life!

Angelica Jardini

Sr. Editor

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Carl Fielder

Will there be in person classes soon?


So fun, great having online classes since I can't get out of the house.


Just reporting back that these classes were great, I loved my time with Jen!


Such a fun idea, great job


cool collab.


Any advice on becoming an art historian?

Dora Reed

I wish I had more art classes when I was in school, so much wasted potential.

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henry water

I am also studying at art school, and the last thing I like to do is write essays, dissertations, and other projects, I know the history of art well, but I did not like the writing process itself.

Robert Bravo

This is a great idea given the rise of remote learning, bravo!

Eric Cartman

I've never loved writing essays, and the word always makes me feel self-conscious. Maybe I should have gone to art school and just made art instead.

Robert Miller

Interesting post! Thank you for sharing this amazing story about art school. As a student, I really agree with this good initiative!