Google Gets it WRONG!

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Why remember anything when Google is right there? Because sometimes Google is wrong and boy does it feel good to know something Google doesn’t! 

As an art historian I often find myself correcting people’s misconceptions (a lot of what people say about the Mona Lisa) or straight up incorrect facts about the history of art (Manet and Monet are two different guys). But in what world did I imagine Google’s algorithm not recognizing the real deal painting from a fashion shoot?


The imposter images are from a photoshoot Julianne Moore did for Vanity Fair in 2000: 


I mean, she looks good, but she’s no extra vertebrae-ed odalisque.


The real deal (obviously). The Grande Odalisque by Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres in the Louvre Museum continues to ignite the imaginations.

Google has since corrected the issue (thanks to me, of course) and now our lovely lady is back in her rightful place.

By: Lauren

Lauren Dare

Sr. Editor

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