Donald Trump Makes Art Great Again (Parody)

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YUUGE NEWS! Donald J. Trump is now a Sartle social media correspondent! 

Corrupt establishment art historians beware, Trump tells it like it is! 

Check out Trump’s concise comments on Frida Kahlo’s Portrait with Stalin (strong leader), Vermeer (a highly overrated cheat), and many others. 

Some of Trump’s comments are insightful (Pollock was not a painter), some are self aggrandizing boasts (Trump will ‘fix’ art by eliminating all art forms besides painting), some are insulting (Freud’s portrait of Sue Tilley looks like Rosie O’Donnell). 

However, one thing is absolutely certain: he will Make Art Great Again! #MAGA #TrumpOnArt

In brevity lies greatness. As Mark Twain once said: ‘If I had had more time I would have written a shorter letter.’ Trump is a busy man, so all of his comments are short - 140 characters or less.

Follow him now on Twitter and Instagram! His stint with Sartle might end in November…

By Francisco Serrador and Clayton Schuster

Clayton Schuster

Sr. Contributor

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Gilberto Bass

One thing that is certain about President Trump is his love for art.


Donald Trump had been the president of the United States for one year as of this writing and his term in office was more of an absolute disaster than anybody could have ever predicted.


Well that’s great news. He has normal size hands, the biggest inaugurations crowds, and is a stable genius!