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Manhattan mural by street artist “Hanksy”

Despite our recent efforts to do right by “The Donald” by generously drafting up a proposal for the arts budget on his behalf, we’ll concede he’s not our favorite candidate…he’s not even our favorite Trump.  Daughter Ivanka is a legitimate art connoisseur with a world-class collection of Cy Twombly, and we’d vote for ex-wife Ivana over the Donald any day. Ivana’s campaign slogan would be much catchier:


…And more appropriate for the Trumps.

On the other hand, Donald is the paragon of taste who brought us The Celebrity Apprentice, Miss Universe, WWE and that hairdo.  That’s just what happens when the world’s most colossal ego, bizarre comb over, and a hearty dose of red-blooded American misogyny get anywhere near our cultural heritage.


Origin of the World by Gustave Courbet, at the d’Orsay Museum.

Who says Trump and Bush don’t mix?

The art world is finding innovative and increasingly raunchy ways to show appreciation for Trump’s cultural contributions.  Artist Sarah Levy painted this moving tribute with her menstrual blood, in response to his demeaning comment that a critical female journalist was, “bleeding out of her wherever”:


Portrait of Donald Trump in menstrual blood by Sarah Levy. 

However, our favorite homage comes from Mexican-born American artist Fernando Sosa. Sosa has found a creative (and practical) way to say thanks for Donald Trump’s assertion that Mexican-Americans are “rapists.” Here’s his lovingly crafted Donald Trump Butt Plug:


Sale page for Donald Trump Butt Plug by Fernando Sosa.

Sosa, who also fashioned a butt plug after Katy Perry’s Left Shark, has coined a campaign-worthy slogan of his own: “Anything is a Butt Plug if you’re brave enough.”  

The Donald Trump Butt Plug is the must-have Holiday gift this season….topical and useful!  Donald was probably the first to in line to purchase it, knowing his passion for inserting himself firmly up his own A$$.

Paul McCarthy could hardly have done better:


Santa Claus (aka “The Buttplug Gnome”), at the Rotterdam Metro.

By Griff Stecyk

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Griff Stecyk


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