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Sr. Editor

Would you be able to tell if Matisse's Odalisque in Red Pants was real or fake?

Believed to have been stolen sometime around 2002, but we don't actually know because the thieves replaced the stolen painting with a replica! Somehow nobody noticed the switch until 2003 when a New York art collector called asking about the sale of this painting. This prompted the museum to take a closer look at their so-called masterpiece.  

Thieves Pedro Antonio Marcuello Guzman (46) and Elisa Ornelas Lazo (50) tried to sell the painting to undercover FBI agents for only $740,000 in Miami Beach, Florida, even though it's valued at approximately $3 million.

During the trial Guzman and Lazo claimed museum employees switched the forgery for the original painting, further confusing things.

The United States has been inexplicably reluctant to return the painting to Venezuela. This has led to a dozen topless women wearing only red pants, protesting on the steps of the museum.

Also "Odalisque a la Culotte Rouge" for Frenchies.