Good Enough to Eat
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Sr. Editor

Burger babe alert!  Margaret Harrison was always pushing the boundaries of pop art.  

Here she takes the pin-up style comic book female and puts her smack dab in the middle of two buns…a sex sandwich, of sorts.  The title makes the image even more pornographic, as your perverted mind wonders if it’s the sammy or her that’s “Good Enough to Eat.”

The juxtaposition of this hyper-sexualized lady, nips out in a hot leather get up, and the mundane lunch item definitely speaks to the era’s interest in including advertising strategies and kitsch popular culture in art.  It’s also a feminist statement about the objectification of women, and the way we consume images of the female figure either as absentmindedly as an afternoon snack, or as hungrily as a decadent meal.  

She’s ravishing and we’re famished. Dig in.