Chris Ofili
English artist



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Chris Ofili
English artist
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Date of Birth

October 10, 1968

Place of Birth

Manchester, United Kingdom

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Sure, artists like to mix it up, but poop and glitter?? Throw in the Virgin Mary and you’ve got Chris Ofili’s secret recipe for decidedly controversial art.

To make his work even more risqué, he might decide to add some images of female genitalia and fan them out all over his deliciously gaudy canvases. Who doesn't love a vagina collage? The art world certainly did. Ofili climbed high up the artsy achievements ladder, fast. A member of the Young British Artists group, he came to fame through Charles Saatchi’s exhibitions, most significantly the traveling show Sensation in 1997. And sensational he is.

Your typical Ofili piece will contain a noteworthy quantity of elephant dung, glitter, resin, layers of paint and magazine cutouts. The subject matter includes stereotypes from black culture, imagery from hip-hop, jazz, the Bible, and even Zimbabwean cave paintings. Could the elephant dung be a clever (albeit sort of gross) symbol of his African descent?

People might presume Ofili is celebrating the idea of blackness through these familiar images that draw the viewer in through strange, sexy, sparkly canvases. But there’s an undercurrent in his work that suggests it’s actually trying to reveal the go-to associations people have with "blackness" and thus critiquing racial stereotypes. In any case, religious nutjobs hate him, so we love him.



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Here is what Wikipedia says about Chris Ofili

Christopher Ofili, CBE (born 10 October 1968) is a British Turner Prize-winning painter who is best known for his paintings incorporating elephant dung. He was one of the Young British Artists. Since 2005, Ofili has been living and working in Trinidad and Tobago, where he currently resides in Port of Spain. He also lives and works in London and Brooklyn.

Ofili has utilized resin, beads, oil paint, glitter, lumps of elephant dung, cut-outs from porn magazines as painting elements. His work has been classified as "punk art."

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