San Jose Museum of Art
art museum in San Jose, California



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San Jose Museum of Art
art museum in San Jose, California
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110 S Market Street
San Jose, California
United States

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Located in the heart of downtown San Jose next to a gorgeous park, this small museum packs a big punch. 

They rotate the display of their permanent collection fairly often, which is nice, because at any one time they might not have a ton of space to show off the goods.  The upstairs is reserved for a changing exhibition which often highlights contemporary West Coast artists. Wacky stuff abound.

Make sure to take a breather on the upstairs balcony and look out on the beautiful empty lot to the back of the museum, where trash blows by on a cool breeze past walls tagged with colorful graffiti. OK, the view might not be fab- but the weather always is, and the handmade wooden bench swing is a great place to sit with a pal and chat about what you saw inside.

Don’t miss the museum café which sits in an old-fashioned church attached to the contemporary-looking museum.  They’ve got reasonably priced sammies and fresh salads and BOOZE!  You heard it here first: a little buzz is sometimes the key to appreciating art.

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Here is what Wikipedia says about San Jose Museum of Art

The San Jose Museum of Art (SJMA) is an art museum in downtown San Jose, California, United States. Founded in 1969, the museum hosts a large permanent collection of West Coast artists of the 20th and 21st centuries. It is located at Circle of Palms Plaza, beside Plaza de César Chávez


The museum's historic wing was originally designed by architect Willoughby J. Edbrooke and built as the San Jose post office in 1892, then served as the city's library from 1937 to 1969. The building was then converted by The Fine Arts Gallery Association, reopening as the Civic Art Gallery. In 1972 the building was named a California Historical Landmark (#854), and in 1973 it was added to the National Register of Historic Places. The "New Wing," comprising the majority of the current exhibition space, opened in 1991.

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