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Museum of Contemporary Art Australia
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140 George Street
The Rocks, New South Wales

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A chorus of “G’day Mate!” probably greets you at the entrance to the MCA, which holds the largest collection of contemporary art in the land down under. 

That land it’s built on was originally home to the Gadigal people, a group of Aboriginal Australians.  The building is actually located on the landing point of “The First Fleet,” the first eleven ships chock full of British criminals to get to Australia.  As you might guess, the meeting didn’t go so well for the Aboriginals. The Gadigal clan consisted of 50-80 people in 1788, but the Brits with rap sheets came in, brought smallpox and bob’s your uncle, there were only 3 Cadigal people left in 1791.

But if you let the decimation of indigenous peoples by European disease dictate where not to go in Sydney (or plenty of other places, for that matter), you’d have to just stay home.  And it’d be a shame to miss out on the wacky and wonderful collection at this museum.  It’s all housed in a gorgeous Art Deco building on the harbor, and the artwork is provocative.  A must-see for hip urbanites less interested in hiking the outback than catching the latest installation that uses lasers.


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Here is what Wikipedia says about Museum of Contemporary Art Australia

The Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (abbreviated MCA), located in Sydney, Australia, is an Australian museum solely dedicated to exhibiting, interpreting and collecting contemporary art, both from across Australia and around the world. It is housed in the art deco-style former Maritime Services Board Building on the western edge of Circular Quay.

The museum was opened in 1991 as the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, and from 2010 underwent an A$58 million expansion and re-development, reopening on 29 March 2012 under its current name as the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia. The collection contains over 4,000 works by Australian artists that have been acquired since 1989. The collection spans all art forms with strong holdings in painting, photography, sculpture, works on paper and moving image, as well as significant representation of works by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists.

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