Margulies Collection at the Warehouse



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Margulies Collection at the Warehouse
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591 Northwest 27th Street
Miami, Florida
United States

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The Margulies Collection is run by folks with a lot of heart in a building with a serial-killer vibe.

On display is Martin Margulies' collection of contemporary art, installations, and photography arranged within a disused warehouse (hence ... at the Warehouse, obvi) in one of Miami's most up-and-coming neighborhoods. Belying the decidedly, if appropriately, Dexter-like digs is the thought process behind every decision. The museum employs women from a local women and children's shelter called Lotus House as guards, as well as greeters during Art Basel Miami. Students get in free and you can get in on a tour with the curator for just $25. Profits even go toward Lotus House, which is run by Margulies' ex-wife. All-in-all, Margulies has built the kind of public display of $800 million worth of important art that we need right now. 

Frankly, Martin's also the kind of collector we deserve in this world. He grew up the son of grocers in New York and made a plump fortune off the booming real estate game of 20th century Miami. Collecting art started as a pastime and flared up in a full and thriving passion. His first major display of art was a public sculpture garden at his estate in Miami's once-swanky and currently defunct Grove Isle. The community at the time wasn't down with having folks come through to look at Margulies' proto-exhibit, so it became an installation across town at Florida International University. Once the collection swelled to the point that it needed a new home, Margulies and crew found the eponymous warehouse wherein people can view and enjoy the art in peace.