Buffalo Bill Center of the West
Complex of five museums and a research library in Wyoming



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Buffalo Bill Center of the West
Complex of five museums and a research library in Wyoming
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720 Sheridan Avenue
Cody, Wyoming
United States

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The life of the cowboy never died—it just moved to Cody, Wyoming.

William “Buffalo Bill” Cody was something of a true cowboy legend. He fought the Indians, rode for the Pony Express, and was BFFLs with Mark Twain. But what Cody is most known for is his Buffalo Bill persona and his Wild West show, which he brought like a circus to many people across the country and around the world.

The Buffalo Bill Center of the West, located in Cody, Wyoming (oh yeah, Cody founded a town too, NBD), first opened in 1917 as a single log cabin devoted to detailing the life and times of William Cody. Since then, it has evolved into a Smithsonian-affiliated complex of five separate museums (Buffalo Bill Museum, Plains Indians Museum, Whitney Western Art Museum, Draper Natural History Museum, and Cody Firearms Museum—yep, an entire museum for guns. This is the Wild West, people).

If you’re not into guns, don’t worry! The complex has a wide range of western art including paintings by Albert Bierstadt and Thomas Moran, life-size board game pieces, a stuffed bear, and a lock of Cody’s know, something for everyone.

The Buffalo Bill Center of the West started as a preservation of Cody’s life and has grown into a preservation of the life and history of the West itself. Cody, Wyoming ain’t no two-bit town, but sometimes it’s a little hard to tell the difference between what’s performance and what’s culture. It’s fitting that a museum dedicated to the guy who made a theatrical show out of the West continues to blur that line. Basically, if you’re into cowboys and ten-gallon hats, I reckon you’ll like it.

You best visit soon! But be sure to leave your guns at the door—a “Firearms Prohibited” sign stands outside of the Buffalo Bill Historical Center. Got to have some laws in this lawless land, folks.




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The Buffalo Bill Center of the West, formerly known as the Buffalo Bill Historical Center, is a complex of five museums and a research library featuring art and artifacts of the American West located in Cody, Wyoming. The five museums include the Buffalo Bill Museum, the Plains Indians Museum, the Whitney Western Art Museum, the Draper Natural History Museum, and the Cody Firearms Museum. Founded in 1917 to preserve the legacy and vision of Col. William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody, the Buffalo Bill Center of the West is the oldest and most comprehensive museum complex of the West. It has been described by The New York Times as "among the nation's most remarkable museums."

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