Wood Line
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If you happened upon Wood Line by accident, you may start to theorize about extra-terrestrials trying to send us a message a la crop circle.

Don't put on the tinfoil hat yet, it's just art by Andy Goldsworthy. He's got a knack for using natural resourcesWood Line is made from the surrounding eucalyptus grove that was planted by the U.S. Army over 100 years ago.

The line that runs through the clearing in the grove seems effortless when in fact it was really, really not. It took many people and many machines to create, which is unusual because Goldsworthy usually works alone. But this was a big one. He needed a hand.

And don't worry about strict museum guards, this is art you can not only touch but step on! You can run atop the whole thing if you're so inclined (and have good balance). This lets you really interact with the piece and feel connected to the woods surrounding it. Goldsworthy's aim all along.

The sculpture is placed off of the oldest footpath in the Presidio, Lover’s Lane. The piece fits peacefully into the setting while still, as Goldsworthy put it, “draws the place.” Lover's Lane is indeed a beautiful place to take a stroll with your significant other...Just don’t trip over the art!