With Dead Head
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Damien Hirst tagged along with a friend studying microbiology on a field trip to the morgue and got this as a result. 

The picture is supposed to show how Hirst was interested in death at a young age and to explain his life’s work or whatever, but I think it just further proves the guy's kind of a dick.

Yes, the picture is shocking and striking, just like his taxidermy animals...but what 16-year-old sees a severed head and is like “Lawlz, photo op!”  I’m sure whoever’s face that is would be less than thrilled to be immortalized for the rest of time all squashed and body-less next to an arrogant punk like Hirst.  I guess it’s just as well Instagram didn’t exist yet, I don’t think this situation could be improved by any filter. (#Selfie #Blessed!)