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The alter ego behind Cindy Sherman’s Untitled is Debi (46 years old).

She has all of the composure of an '80s beauty queen whose special talent is jazzercise and she would like to talk to your manager, please.

This might as well be an Asics ad because of how much badassery is dripping off of Debi, her Asics windbreaker, her thoroughly tangerine-d skin, and her extensively lined lips. You can just see in her delicately pouted face how hot she thinks she is. Some may ridicule her fake toe-head look, but she will not notice and bask in the glory of people’s attention. God knows she’s always prepped for attention no matter how many times she insists that she just woke up like that.

Debi is the kind of lady who, if you complain to her about feeling self-conscious or bloated will reply that she doesn’t know how you feel because she “just doesn’t bloat.” She will however pity you and lightly pat you on the top of the head while looking in another direction. She then will proceed to tell you everything that she has going for her and advise you on how you can be even a fraction as beautiful and successful as she is. “But enough about you…what do you think about me?” she’ll say in complete seriousness, confused as to why you are laughing. She never did understand why people laughed randomly in conversation like that. She tried to replicate it once but it was very awkward. She constantly thinks to herself, “am I the only sane one in this world? MY GOD!” Keep doing you Debi.