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Wear Mark Rothko's Orange and Red on Red like your favorite blanket.

Imagine my delight walking into a room devoted entirely to the quiet contemplation of four large Rothko paintings. The space is intimate, the lighting is subdued. And I immersed myself in Rothko's luminous fields of color. This large pulsating red and orange painting totally enveloped me. Three other paintings, one on each wall, are different colors, different moods. The bench in the middle whispered my name. Sit and look. Thankfully, a sign on the door limits the number of visitors.

Mr. Phillips created this room in response to Rothko’s preference for having his paintings exhibited together in small spaces. The Phillips Collection was the first museum to dedicate a room exclusively to Rothko paintings. Phillips even thought of it as a chapel.

In the early 60’s, Rothko visited the museum often to collaborate on the installation. During one visit, he requested a few changes in lighting and arrangement of the work. Eager to please the artist, the staff willingly made the requested changes. But, when Mr. Phillips returned from out of town, he returned the works to the original installation. Rothko's paintings, Phillips gallery design.

When you're in Washington, D.C., visit The Phillips Collection. Take advantage of this special Rothko Room to rest and rejuvenate. The bench is whispering your name.