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Alice loved to paint nudes, even male nudes like this fabulous portrait of Andy Warhol.

Andy might have been the unofficial art prince of NYC at the time, but Marisol was the French-Venezuelan It girl. Andy got invited to parties just because he was with her, so move over Andy, let’s talk about Marisol!

She was one of the hippest artists from the Pop-Art movement. Marisol made large, wooden sculptures that made her a superstar in the 1960’s. She befriended many famous artists and landed a solo show before any of her male friends could. Marisol didn't like to talk about her artwork, she just loved to make art and people seemed to like it. Simple as that.

At the end of the '60’s she lost interest in making art. Alice Neel was still painting portraits though! In 1981, when Marisol was in her 50s, Alice decided to paint this tribute to one of her old friends.

The reason Marisol looks a bit uncomfortable might be because she didn't want to pose. Alice had sent one of her daughters-in-law to pick up Marisol and literally forced her to do it. The two knew each other for years, they met way back when the NYC art world wasn't so big and pretentious. They went to all sorts of gallery openings and everyone knew each other. Marisol liked Alice, even though she always seemed to be angry. And i’m not talking about a resting bitch face. According to Marisol, Alice was a bitter lady who would insult her and make nasty remarks. Marisol hated to sit still for hours, but who wouldn’t? Yet she did it anyway, for her very mean friend.