Man Crazy Nurse #3
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Richard Prince knows that Kate Moss would be an excellent Man Crazy Nurse

Part of Richard Prince’s Nurse Paintings series, that are all copied from cheap medical romance novel covers, which seems like an oddly specific genre but I guess everyone wants a chance encounter with Drs. McDreamy and McSteamy.

The author of Man-Crazy Nurse is Peggy Gaddis, who wrote a ton of these medical romance novels, though the covers don’t match exactly.

In 2003, W Magazine did a photo shoot all about Kate Moss and her universal appeal with different artists serving as art directors. Prince basically debuted the Nurse Paintings series by dressing up Kate in a naughty nurse uniform. The photo ended up infuriating real nurses everywhere who all knew no nurse could spend a day saving lives wrapped in pleather and latex.

The band Sonic Youth used a print from this series for their 2004 album Sonic Nurse. More artwork from the series is featured inside and the song Dude Ranch Nurse shares a name with another of Prince's pieces. 

Overseas Nurse sold for $8,452,000 in 2008.

In the weirdest-place-to-find-an-art-review category, the winner goes to The Truth About Nursing, a website whose author saw an exhibit at the Barbara Gladstone Gallery in New York.