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The opposite of rock bottom, Yoko Ono’s artistic career was over the moon when she came out with the film Four (Fluxfilm no. 16).

Who wouldn't want close-ups of the butts of friends and relatives walking on a treadmill? It’s truly an ass-tastic work of art. With this work Yoko Ono basically proved that she is the inspiration for the character, Tina Belcher, on “Bob’s Burgers” who is obsessed with butts to the point that she has a photographic butt memory. The comparisons are uncanny. Yoko came out with a line of “butt hoodies” to commemorate “John [Lennon]’s hot bod”; Tina created erotic friend fiction - butt-centric stories about the butts she loves most - staring her John Lennon equivalent, Jimmy Jr.; Yoko created Four (Fluxfilm no. 16) and Tina works for a minor baseball league solely because it’s a profession in which slapping butts is acceptable.

Yoko and Tina are essentially the same person but Yoko takes butt-loving to the next level by designing a line of Swatch watches with film stills from Four (Fluxfilm no. 16). For about $100 you can wear the butts of Ben Patterson, Jeff Perkins, Susan Poland, Jerry Sablo, Carolee Schneeman, James Tenney, Verne Williams, and of course Yoko Ono around your wrist! What a time to be alive!!!!

Overall, Yoko just wanted to make people laugh. She stated that, "In 50 years or so, which is like 10 centuries from now, people will look at the film of the 60's. They will probably comment on Ingmar Bergman as meaningfully meaningful film-maker Jean-Luc Godard as the meaningfully meaningless. Antonini as meaninglessly meaningful, etc, etc. Then they would come to the No. 4 film and see a sudden swarm of exposed bottoms that these bottoms, in fact belonged to people who represented the London scene. And I hope that they would see that the 60's was not only the age of achievements, but of laughter. This film, in fact, is like an aimless petition signed by people with their anuses. Next time we wish to make an appeal, we should send this film as the signature list.”

This work didn’t make Ono super popular though. Most people thought it was obscene and even refused to show it in theaters. Butt eventually they gave it an X rating and showed it. They just couldn’t resist. Tina Belcher puts it best, “Just when I think I’m out [those] cheeks pull me right back in.”