Deployment in Wonderland
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Sr. Editor

Kara Maria has puzzled and delighted Bay Area gallery-goers for years with her vibrant, psychadelic paintings and this one’s no different.

In Deployment in Wonderland and other works, Maria excels at creating a wonderfully strange juxtaposition of raunchy imagery and symbols of contemporary political unrest.  

Here’s this bubble-gum pink porn princess, all splayed out for our viewing pleasure…though it looks like she’s having most of the fun, if you know what I mean. To be fair, I can’t really decide if her facial expression is one of sexual bliss or the one you get right before going into a food coma.  She is a voluptuous vixen after all.  In fact, we might be able to get a glimpse of the goods if her fleshy thighs and tummy weren’t covering them up.  Her corpulent nips, luckily enough, are on full display.

Perhaps our wanton woman is the embodiment of American capitalist culture. Representing a lusty greed that’s covered in candy sour strips and colors so vivid we almost don’t notice the men in fatigues, making sacrifices in deserts far enough away to seem small. Maria leaves it up to us to hash out the details, but she provides a helluva lot of fat to throw on the fire.