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So, the talented Deborah Oropallo painted a bunch of wavy lines and called it Amusement. Let’s find out why...

Following somewhat in the stylistic vein of Bridget Riley’s trippy op-art images is this sequence of waves that weaves around the canvas.  The image has the appearance of a fantastical roller coaster that has not end in sight- the pattern is infinite!

Is this a play on childhood game Chutes & Ladders? Upon closer inspection, the lines resemble toy train tracks, which the artist has snaked across the canvas and woven together with yellow ticket stubs. So is Oropallo ultimately subtracting destination from the idea of travel thus making it an existential quandary? Or presenting motion as a process that yields undiluted amusement?  

Because hey, when you’re in it for the amusement, who gives a rat’s ass about the destination? 

Ask any self respecting vagrant riding the rails where he’s headed, and he’ll respond by telling you that your hypothetical person need not be a he! It’s the 21st century! It can be a she. Get with it yo! Oh and also, ls is a journey.