Sigalit Landau
Israeli sculptor, video, and installation artist



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Sigalit Landau
Israeli sculptor, video, and installation artist
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Landau performed nude dance with a barbed hula-hoop on a Tel Aviv beach! This was very painful, but it certainly got her a lot of attention, and a video of the dance was later exhibited by the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

In 2002, she produced a huge installation called 'The Country,' which was not at all about the country, but rather about the destruction of human life. She presented as a made-up rooftop, placed in a large basement gallery in Tel Aviv, created over a period of 22 months. It emphasized all that has vanished: children, trees, sun, animals, i.e. Life - and it pointed out to all that remains: silence, distance, iciness, death, a hellish reality! The Israel Museum went looking for a donor to purchase the whole project, but a private collectors got to it first, and Landau needed the money so she sold it piece by piece, and the museum got really mad.

Landau did an even wilder show called 'The Endless Solution' at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art in 2005. She went all out, splattering concrete freely on the walls of the museum, constructing her own mountain of honeycomb molds out of concrete, wood and neon lights, breaking walls, making holes in the floor, and presenting her sculptures, video art, installations with a van, shoe boxes and cotton-candy!

Landau is a master at creating a link between ancient mythical traditions and the multilayered reality of here and now.  Her works are huge and spectacular. 

In simple terms: this lady has big balls.

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Here is what Wikipedia says about Sigalit Landau

Sigalit Ethel Landau (Hebrew: סיגלית לנדאו; born 1969) is an Israeli sculptor, video and installation artist.

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