Jake and Dinos Chapman
English brothers, sculptor and installation artist duo



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Jake and Dinos Chapman
English brothers, sculptor and installation artist duo
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Known as the enfants terribles of Brit Art, the brotherly duo Jake and Dinos Chapman live up their mischievous title.

Obscene, irreverent and humorous, Jake and Dinos Chapman have tested the endurance of the art world with their eyebrow-raising works. They went so far as to purchase a set of authentic Francisco de Goya prints in 2003 and in totally defaced them with drawings of cartoons and funny faces. Goya must’ve been twisting in his grave with every crayon stroke! They are also famous for combining faces of children with genitalia…

But these bad boys of the art world aren’t just about messing with audiences, they’re seemingly silly works are surging with profound issues that keep critics ever interested. 

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Here is what Wikipedia says about Jake and Dinos Chapman

Iakovos "Jake" (born 1966) and Konstantinos "Dinos" (born 1962) are British visual artists, often known as the Chapman Brothers. Their subject matter tries to be deliberately shocking, including, in 2008, a series of works that appropriated original watercolours by Adolf Hitler.

In the mid-1990s, their sculptures were included in the YBA showcase exhibitions Brilliant! and Sensation. In 2003, the two were nominated for the annual Turner Prize but lost out to Grayson Perry. In 2013, their painting One Day You Will No Longer Be Loved III was the subject of Derren Brown's Channel 4 special, The Great Art Robbery.

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