Frank Romero
American muralist



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Frank Romero
American muralist
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Romero was part of the 1970s Los Angeles artist collective “Los Four,” who were known for their contemporary take on Mexican mural art.  He is truly a pioneer of Chicano art.  He did a mural for the 1984 L.A. Olympics that you could see from the 101 freeway. 

His daughter, Sonia Romero, is a great artist in her own right.  She works out of a studio in the back of the Avenue 50 Gallery in North East L.A.  I interned there one summer and, along with the Southwest Museum, it's a must-see location if you're in the hood. Not to mention you won't find better tacos north of the border than the trucks that line the streets of Highland Park. 

But Frank Romero lives in the South of France for half the year now, where he paints the peaceful countryside of Rhone instead of the bustling cityscape of Latino neighborhoods in SoCal. The healthy European lifestyle, the 70 year old artist claims, keeps his diabetes in check.  So much for the carne asada...