Storm King Art Center
open-air museum and sculpture park located in Mountainville, New York



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Storm King Art Center
open-air museum and sculpture park located in Mountainville, New York
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1 Museum Road
New Windsor, New York
United States

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Alright, alright, before everyone gets their Star Warred, magic realism, lord of the trek thrones panties in a twist…just calm down.

I know it sounds like Storm Troopers man the gates here (the name got me excited, too) and that Orcs swarm the halls, but this is not the case. It’s just called Storm King Art Center because its located very close to Storm King Mountain. Meh. Big whoop. But hey, don’t turn away just yet. This 180-acre estate in Mountainville, New York houses a pretty sweet sculptural collection that started off with a few works by David Smith.

The collection is mainly comprised of post-WWII works, and although there are a great deal of large imposing sculptures in steel and industrial materials, the art center also has some smaller, figurative works in organic materials like stone. From Nam June Paik to Magdalena Abakanowicz, artists whose practices are diverse yet united under the umbrella of three-dimensional forms have works that live here. Not just for art lovers BTW. This is a PARK, guys, which means all of the art is in the great outdoors mingling with Mother Nature herself. So strap on your trekking shoes, and maybe pack a lightsaber to protect yourselves from woodland critters, and have fun cavorting through this artsy landscape!

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Here is what Wikipedia says about Storm King Art Center

Storm King Art Center, commonly referred to as Storm King and named after its proximity to Storm King Mountain, is an open-air museum located in Mountainville, New York. It contains what is perhaps the largest collection of contemporary outdoor sculptures in the United States. Founded in 1960 by Ralph E. Ogden as a museum for Hudson River School paintings, it soon evolved into a major sculpture venue with works from some of the most acclaimed artists of the 20th century. The site spans approximately 500 acres (200 ha; 0.78 sq mi), and is located about a one-hour drive north of Manhattan.

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