Norman Rockwell Museum
art museum in Stockbridge, Massachusetts



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Norman Rockwell Museum
art museum in Stockbridge, Massachusetts
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9 Glendale Rd
Stockbridge, Massachusetts
United States

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The Norman Rockwell Museum is devoted to all things Norman Rockwell, transporting you back in time through Golden Age American nostalgia.

The Norman Rockwell Museum is located in Stockwell, MA where its namesake, Norman Rockwell, lived the last 25 years of his life. It was originally located on Main Street in a building known as the Old Corner House, but moved to its current location in 1993. The building was designed by Driheaus prize-winning architect Robert A.M. Stern (who also designed several buildings for Disney).

It was founded in 1969 with the help of Norman and Molly Rockwell, and is home to the largest collection of Rockwell’s work of 998 original paintings and drawings. It features his Stockbridge studio, including his original art materials, his library, furnishings, and personal items. The archives house over 100,000 items including working photographs, fan mail, letters, personal calendars, and business documents. The museum also features other American illustrators and aspects of American culture, and has held exhibitions on the illustrations in popular culture from Andy-warhol’s nephew James Warhola’s children’s books, which feature Warhol as a character to cartoons from Hanna-Barbera Productions, which made up the Saturday morning television screens. The collection includes 323 original Saturday Evening Post covers, the magazine that brought Rockwell’s work into the homes of millions of Americans. It is also home to the Famous Artists’ School Archives, a mail-order art school where Rockwell was an instructor and founder along with other illustrators including Albert Dorne and Ben Stahl. The archive is open to the public for private study, scholarship, and research by appointment.

The archives also includes the Rockwell Center for American Visual Studies, a research institute dedicated to American visual culture. It is the first research center dedicated to the study of the impact of American illustration on the world and the context in which Rockwell created his works by investigating the social, political, and economic circumstances. The center also investigates the legacy of illustration through the contemporary visual image industry in animation, visual effects, video games, and other digital art forms. The museum received the National Humanities Medal for its work in 2008.



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The Norman Rockwell Museum is an art museum in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, dedicated to the art of Norman Rockwell. It is home to the world's largest collection of original Rockwell art.


The museum was founded in 1969 in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, where Rockwell lived the last 25 years of his life. Originally located on Main Street in a building known as the Old Corner House, the museum moved to its current location 24 years later, opening to the public on April 3, 1993. The current museum building was designed by 2011 Driheaus Prize winner and New Classical architect Robert A. M. Stern.

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