More about National Gallery of the Marche


Ok, Renaissance freaks, this is one of the holy sites you need to go to if you’re making the Quattrocento pilgrimage.

Since it’s set inside the Palazzo Ducale in Urbino, it’s a castle plus museum of sorts. The façade of the palace seems invincible because of its solid rock walls, but inside is a beautiful arcaded courtyard, complete with arches and columns galore that must’ve satisfied the Renaissance fetish for classical Greek and Roman aesthetics.

The Galleria Nazionale delle Marche includes a host of sculptures, frescoes, paintings and antique inscriptions. One of the coolest features of the palace/gallery is the studiolo, a small room with trompe l’oeil design features and furniture built into the walls. Some of the most integral Renaissance artworks are displayed in the gallery – Piero Della Francesca’s Flagellation and Titian’s Resurrection among them. Though you’d better be ready to dish out the hefty sum of €16 for the entry fee…