Museum of Modern Art Toyama
museum in Toyama, Toyama



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Museum of Modern Art Toyama
museum in Toyama, Toyama
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1 Chome-16-12 Nishinakanomachi, Toyama

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The Toyama prefectural Museum of Modern Art is a sleek contemporary museum that happily sits in middle of a park against the backdrop of gorgeous mountain scenery.

The museum opened on the coast of Japan in 1981, and has since accumulated works which are recognized as masterpieces by both Toyama and the whole world. So you get the location-specific goodness of Japanese art along with the output of globally recognized artists. There’s a permanent exhibition dedicated to Toyama’s very own poet and art critic, Mr. Shuzo Takiguchi, who even gets meta discussing the construction of this very museum. And then there’s the permanent collection stocked with works by Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and even carries Marcel Duchamp’s semen sample!

There’s also a space dedicated to design work, featuring cool furniture and a one-off poster collection. In fact, the museum has been sponsoring the World Poster Triennale Toyama international poster competition since 1985, and the winning works have been augmenting the permanent collection thereafter. These posters are so ridiculously great to look at, they might even outdo the fine arts collection.

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Here is what Wikipedia says about Museum of Modern Art, Toyama

The Museum of Modern Art, Toyama (富山県立近代美術館, Toyama Kenritsu Kindai Bijutsukan) is a museum in Toyama, Toyama. It is one of Japan's many museums which are supported by a prefecture.

The museum, which opened in 1981, stands within Jōnan Park in central Toyama. It displays a permanent collection and also temporary exhibitions.

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