Friends & Favorites



San Jose Museum of Art

We created a super-fun game booklet alongside their exhibition, Momentum

Portland Art Museum

We participated in their Shine A Light event and got their feedback on Sartle. Read more.

Honolulu Museum of Art

We did a social media takeover for their Art After Dark Halloween event. Read more.

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

This new expansion makes SFMOMA the largest modern art museum in the United States. Read more.



The planet’s best museum tour guides and a featured contributor on Sartle.


Audio guides for the world, based out of San Francisco.



Great guide to gallery art in San Francisco.

Art Practical

Exploring contemporary art and visual culture in the Bay Area.

Trivium Art History

A new kind of art history book, designed for discovery, and a featured contributor on Sartle.

The Scéal

They write about everything from the big ideas to the forgotten faces in the worlds of art, fashion and film.


Catharine Clark Gallery

We love writing about her artists’ museum-collected work.

Embark Gallery

Where we have our office.


Robert Arneson

His friends call him Bob.

Kara Maria

Popping colors and politics.

Jeremiah Jenkins

His studio will blow your mind!

Andrea Ackerman

She shared with us the fascinating influences on her artistic practice.


People of Color in Medieval Art History

“Addresses common misconceptions that People of Color did not exist in Europe before the Enlightenment.”

Scorpion Dagger

Taking Renaissance paintings and making hysterical gif mashups.

When You Work at a Museum

If you thought museums were glamorous, think again.

Fly Art Productions

R&B and rap lyrics mesh perfectly with fine art.

Mean Girls Art History

Turns out Mean Girls have always existed.

Ugly Renaissance Babies

Apparently, Jesus was an ugly baby. There we said it.

Dirty, Sexy History

Skipping to the good stuff with Jessica Cale


Art Bros

Mike, Fancy Dave, and Patrick are three friends that love talking about art.

The Art History Babes Podcast

Four fresh masters drink wine and discuss all things visual culture.

ArtCurious Podcast

The unexpected, odd, and strangely wonderful in Art History. Ramblings by host Jennifer Dasal.

The Lonely Palette

The podcast that returns art history to the masses, one painting at a time.