The Four Elements: Fire, Water and Earth, Air
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Whenever someone sees the name Adolf, Hitler first comes to mind.  

That seems unfair; no one chooses their name.  But this Adolf was actually a Nazi so I guess the name is cursed. Ziegler was part of Hitler’s attack on modern art.  He was hired to help purge Germany of “degenerate art” and to produce Hitler-approved pieces.  This was one of Hitler’s favorite paintings, and he famously kept it hung in his apartment in Munich.

The pieces Ziegler created for Hitler were put on display in an exhibit that was meant to showcase Nazi-approved art, which they called "wholesome."  The confiscated pieces were then put in a separate exhibit to show how bad/ridiculous the unapproved art is and how bad/ridiculous it was that people would take that art seriously.  These displays were recently recreated to show how bad/ridiculous it was that Hitler would do such a thing.  Unfortunately, many “degenerate” pieces were destroyed by the Nazis, so in the aforementioned exhibit at the Neue Galerie, those missing pieces are represented by empty frames.

During WWII, Ziegler was briefly sent to a prison camp after questioning the viability of Hitler’s plan, but he was released after just six weeks.  After the war, his art career died.  I can’t say that I feel bad for him.

Before Captain Planet was a thing, these lovely naked women were meant to represent the four elements of Fire, Water, Earth and Air.