The Carcass of the Brebeuf Jesuit
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Goya produce over fifty extremely detailed, high quality sketches of wartime atrocities. If you have the stomach for it, go ahead and Google Image 'Desastres de la Guerra Goya.' You will find lots of chopped up humans, humans being chopped up, and humans on sticks.

This painting is one of our top ranked horrible mutilation scenes. It proves that in Goya's case, all those sketches paid off. Practice can make perfect!

Jean de Brébeuf was a Jesuit missionary with the worst timing ever. He was hanging out with the Huron Indians right about when they were overrun by the Iroqouis Indians.

Brebeuf and a colleague were 'fastened to stakes and tortured to death by scalping, mock baptism using boiling water, fire, necklaces of red hot hatchets and mutilation.'

According to Catholic lore, Brébeuf suffered his tortures quietly. The Iroquois were very impressed and cut out his heart and ate it (a form of flattery, since they believed it would give them the courage of the original owner).