The Artist's Garden at Eragny
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The Artist's Garden at Eragny is possibly the least controversial painting on here.

This painting of simple peasant life went straight from Pissarro's family to the collection of the Mellon family and then into the museum. 

The Mellons were active philanthropists starting with the patriarch Andrew Mellon who founded the National Gallery of Art. Ailsa Mellon Bruce was his daughter and an avid art collector herself. She donated this painting and over 180 other major works in addition to a fund for future purchases. In 1957, Fortune created its first list of richest Americans, Ailsa and three of her relatives were in the top eight. 

Wild speculation is much more fun than this so here's what we think is buried in that garden: 

  • The bodies of Impressionists Pissarro didn't like
  • A dinosaur
  • A spaceship and Pissarro is actually an alien taking human form ... a concept I definitely didn't take from Men In Black.  
  • Paintings he was never able to sell
  • A pirate ship filled with gold