Six Women
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The Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago they say they never forgot about Marisol and I understand why!

At the end of the sixties, Marisol was fed up with the art world and decided to travel the world for a while. She still had Six Women clogging up her studio space and it was obviously too big to fit in her suitcase. That's why she contacted Jospeh Shapiro, the guy who founded the the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. The museum hadn’t really established a collection at the time, but she told him she was thinking about donating Six Women. Broseph​ thought this was an awesome idea and accepted her offer. This supposedly makes it one of the first artworks ever acquired by the MCA. It was definitely their first sculpture by Marisol and ever since it has featured in numerous exhibitions.

You could call Six Women a self-portrait (even though one of Marisol’s other works in the MCA  collection is actually called self-portrait). Four out of six figures have a face, which is a plastic rendering of Marisol’s face. Also, its the best spot at the MCA to take your #museumselfie since both sides of the piece are huge mirrors.