Sheboygan Men’s Room [Ann Agee]

Ceramic sex toys are a thing with her

John Michael Kohler Arts Center

Poop in style while you enjoy art

Sarah Oesterling


Excuse yourself to the men's room to visit this Ann Agee work.

In this instance it would be perfectly ok for people to relieve themselves on your artwork. Created as a reminder that one should not pooh-pooh utilitarian and decorative art, this permanent installation piece is quite possibly the most beautiful public restroom of all time.

In lieu of a magazine or other typical bathroom entertainment, those sitting on these porcelain thrones are given an education in the use of Sheboygan’s water supply done in blue and white tile work. The piece boasts a urinal painted with paisley spread about to look like water under a microscope, industrial plans of a local water treatment plant, images of Lake Michigan, and a local carwash.